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Parent-Taught Driver’s Training at Home

This type of learning is easier and more flexible. Our course allows the student to learn in the comfort of their own home, at their pace, and on their own schedule.

The Virtual Drive material has been designed and developed to teach your child in the most proven and effective method for retention. Retaining this information is one key ingredient when learning how to drive.

It’s critical that our children don’t just memorize this information to pass the test. Administered properly and entirely, this course guarantees a better learning experience and higher retention than any other instruction method.

Developing Safe Driving Habits through Concurrent Learning

In Texas, the student is required to complete six hours of classroom instruction prior to receiving a driving permit. This will be fulfilled after the completion of Module 1. Once completed, the student is ready to begin a concurrent learning experience.

This means that classroom and behind-the-wheel training will coincide so the parent will be providing information during the driving portion that actually makes sense to the student. Students will learn about roadway concepts, state laws, and driving techniques at their computer and then in a practical in-car environment, use the knowledge gained to hone their driving skills and begin working on safe driving habits that will follow them throughout their lives. Parents will be provided with their own coursework that will take them through the entire in-car learning process, as well.

Learning Experience

Each module consists of main lessons, topics and support material. With the help of the Virtual Instructor, the student will easily navigate through each topic, lesson and module with helpful learning techniques. Graphic illustrations, graphic animations, video clips, photographs, mouse roll-overs and additional reading documents make it easy to understand explanations of correct driving techniques.

At the end of each lesson, the student will be given a brief knowledge check of 6 to 10 questions.

After completing all of the lessons in a module, the student will navigate to the review study sheet and a worksheet.